Saturday, January 21, 2012


"Right to life" Sunday always stirs up memories, some of them not so pleasant. You see, being a product of the 70's and women's rights, I knew many young ladies who would venture to Michigan or Indianapolis to have an abortion, and I could never quite understand. Not that I thought any less of them, in fact, I felt sad for them, because I just always knew in my heart that conception created a life and I could not imagine what it would be like to believe abortion was the only way out of a bad circumstance.

That is until I found out that our 17 year old daughter was pregnant. Then all the options were laid on the table and abortion didn't sound so far fetched. "For her sake". I thought of the ridicule and stares she was going to have to face, the comments, the pain of her small, young body. All these thoughts swirled through my mind and yet, when it came right down to it, we both knew the secret of an abortion would haunt us the rest of our lives.

Emily's decision for adoption was an option that threw me for a loop. In fact, I spent many sleepless nights crying, wondering how we could ever live, not knowing where her child would be, what she would look like. How could a loving God give, then take away our grandchild?
But, it had to be Emily's choice and we had to honor it.

My prayers changed from why to what now, Lord? Guide us and we will be obedient. And He did. We found out about "open adoption". That in itself was a great relief knowing that she would grow up knowing she was loved and that her parents were chosen especially for her. Plus we would get to play, read and maybe even bake with her a few times a year!!! And as we asked our Lord to provide a loving family for this precious child, the cards fell into place. From the prayers of a treasured family came a couple that not only fit Emily's profile, but also Gods surprising plans. We asked for a doctor who would not judge, yet would provide excellent care. Walla, He directed us to a very kind country -like, missions led doctor who happened to be located directly across from the hospital Em wanted to deliver at. And many, many more miracles.

There will always be abortions, legal or illegal. And I want you to consider this. How do you react when you see a young unwed teenage girl you know at Walmart or at church? Do you stare in disgust? Do you whisper comments or gossip about them to your friends? Because if you do, you may just be part of a future abortion choice. Sounds harsh and I may get some nasty feedback, but the reality is this-one of the reasons there are so many abortions, especially among young women, is because the girl and/or her parents refuse to go through the ridicule of the community. Some do not want to give up their freedom to raise a grandchild and adoption would mean giving up their flesh and blood possession. So, abortion looks like the easiest way to cover a very visual mistake.

Let's face it. We all sin every day. Most are little ones that probably don't hurt anybody, right? Really? A sin is a sin. No matter how big or small. God doesn't measure them and neither should we. We all say and do things we wish we could take back. Thankfully, He forgives them ALL and loves us in spite of our mistakes. Our sorrow can be turned to joy. Just ask for the Lords forgiveness and guidance, listen to the prompting of the Holy Spirit & be obedient to Gods direction for our lives.

Who knows, by being kind and loving, we may save a life.


"The Lord does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart." 1Samuel 16:7