Thursday, February 17, 2011

God never gives you more than you can handle?

I have heard this phrase used many times over the years and usually find myself cringing. Why? First of all by implying that God "gives" trials in our lives suggests that we are Gods robots and that He programs our lives instead of giving us free will. On the other hand, God does "allow" trials so that we learn to totally trust Him. John 16:33 says "...In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world."

The other thing that confuses me is "more than you can handle". This phrase implies that because God creates some people with more strength than others, these poor souls would consequently be given more pain and suffering than a weaker brother or sister. I can't believe that the God who loves us beyond our understanding would pick and choose the amount of pain we are allotted based on our ability to withstand pain.

I have seen deep pain, such as a loss of a child, spouse or parent, divorce, finances or health. In each case, a severely broken heart will never be completely mended because it is more than their earthy body/mind can handle by themselves. If you would ask these people how they deal with their pain, they would tell you that God has been there holding them and comforting them, giving them strength. I have also seen bitterness and anger take hold of lives in situations when God has been blamed for causing their troubles. These people live very sad, unprofitable lives.

In the summer or 2008 my stress/heart pain was so strong that it had caused a short in my brain circuit causing unclear thinking, obsession and uncontrollable weeping. As hard as I tryed, begging, fasting, pleading with God to take it away and make me whole again, healing did not happen until I finally listened to friends/family and sought help from a doctor. (Thanks Kel for reminding me that God created doctors and meds) Did God cause my pain? I don't believe so. Did He allow it? Yes He did. Because He knew that by going through this pain I would have to trust Him more, dig more deeply into His word, become more like Him.

He knows what pain feels like. He was turned into the police by a friend, made fun of, spit on, whipped with a leather belt, had railroad spikes pounded into his hands and feet and ultimately gave His life for me and you.

Thank you Jesus for carrying me when I could not walk without your help.

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